welcome to bottom of the river! oakland is a fictional town on the louisiana bayou where money talks, but the gossip talks quicker; a town divided by class differences & a town that refuses to admit that they have a problem. please register with your character's first and last name in uppercase!
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update 004! our very first activity check has been posted! please post in it by october 19th to save your character. we also happily welcome tisha to our staff team as well! make sure to congratulate her. ♥

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bottom of the river is on a small hiatus! between needing time to clear out inactive members & a staff member being m.i.a. for the time being, the board is being turned offline & being put on hiatus until we can clear things out and sort out staff issues. admining alone is a little difficult right now! i hope you understand, and i really hope we can sort things out soon & come back online!

all accounts that were accepted or in the joining usergroup should have access to the offline board!
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